Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular. Over 100.000 cosmetic surgeries are carried out each year in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the quality of care cannot be guaranteed everywhere. A lot goes wrong and plastic surgeons often must deal with restoration operations of treatments that haven’t been done correctly. Often it involves an incompetent doctor, complications that were not timely dealt with, or lack of after care for patients who chose to have the surgery done abroad.

We also see an increase in the number of intermediaries. They offer so-called ‘expert advice’ on-line to customers who are considering cosmetic surgery. They earn a lot of money by doing this. The Dutch Association for Plastic Surgeons (NVPC) warns about the large variety between clinics, doctors and surgeries within the cosmetic surgery branch.

5 golden rules

You are considering having cosmetic surgery. Think beforehand exactly what it is that you want and why. Look at the different options to achieve this goal, both surgical and non-surgical. Take your time with this decision, no matter how much you want the surgery. It is really important to have looked at all the options and to find the right surgeon. You will only get the desired results if you have the surgery done for the right reasons, and by a skilled surgeon who understands your wishes.

Below are the 5 golden rules that will help you to make a well informed decisions when choosing a certain surgery or doctor. This will reduce the chance of you being disappointed.

  • Think well beforehand what changes you wish to see and what results you expect.

  • Determine where and by whom you wish to be treated.

  • Discuss your wishes and expectations with the plastic surgeon.

  • Take enough time to think about it after your initial discussion or consultation.

  • Choose wisely: is after care included? What exactly do I get for my money?