About Praktijk Gabriels

Diana’s advisory and intermediation practice only works with doctors and clinics that have been previously approved by us. To ensure our quality, we regularly carry out checks to make sure that our doctors and clinics continue to comply with the high standards of Diana Gabriels.

In 2017, Practice Diana Gabriels received the ISO 9001 and the NEN-EN 15224 Certification. Development is and will always be our creed. In recent years, Diana has made intensive efforts to improve the quality and safety of the medical processes within plastic surgery and injectables. She did this together with a fantastic team of specialists. Furthermore, a good cooperation with clinics is necessary. The clinics and Diana’s practice all share a common goal, to continuously professionalise their care.

In addition, Diana is able to take the sometimes-inaccessible scientific language of the specialists and change it into plain language. Her practice has matured and become far more professional; however, Diana remains herself. This enables her to keep on providing the correct information in a relaxed and comprehensible manner. Diana is proud, but also exceptionally thankful that you, as a client, trust her practice.

‘Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today and by doing what I enjoy the most, gives me huge amounts of energy. I thank you for that!’ – Diana Gabriels


In our practice every client receives a call from the support team after a treatment. They are also invited to participate in our client satisfaction survey. This helps our practice to fine tune our care based on the wishes of our clients and also guarantee that care.

Praktijk Gabriels verifies the skill and the professional advancement of all of our doctors and cooperative clinics. Each location where treatments is given is checked by an external party in terms of hygiene, infection prevention and the provision of medication.

Praktijk Gabriels and the cooperative clinics work in accordance with the current legislations and regulations. They also comply with the guidelines of the various professional groups. We work within our practice with a quality and safety management system with which we can and should continue to improve ourselves.  The cooperative clinics also have approved and certified quality and safety management systems.

Management and the support staff are committed to the quality and safety within the practice. Regular trainings are followed and provided, to stay on top of the latest state of affairs and to keep everybody up to date.

At Praktijk Diana Gabriels: your request is our concern!

Please feel welcome, I would love to meet you.

Kind regards,

Diana Gabriels