About Praktijk Gabriels

Diana’s advice and mediation practice only works with doctors and clinics that have been approved by them in advance. To ensure this quality, her practice continuously monitors whether these doctors and clinics continue to meet her high standards.

In 2017, the practice achieved the ISO 9001 and NEN-EN 15224 certification. Development is and remains the credo. Therefore, Diana has been working intensively in recent years to improve the quality and safety within the medical processes of plastic surgery and injectables, together with a fantastic team of specialists. A pleasant cooperation with clinics is necessary. Both the clinics and her practice have a common goal, namely the continuous professionalization of care.

In addition, it is the art that Diana understands perfectly to translate the sometimes-incomprehensible scientific language of specialists into ‘normal human language’. Despite the enormous professionalization that her practice has gone through, it is her goal to just remain herself. This way, she can continue to provide the right information to you in a relaxed and understandable way. Diana is proud, but also very grateful that you, as a client, have faith in her practice.

“Without you I would never be where I am now. By doing what I like most, I get a lot of energy. Thank you for that. “- Diana Gabriels


Praktijk Gabriels is an advisory and mediation agency for plastic surgery and an injectable practice. We serve a very broad target group, the care is tailored to the wishes of the client.

Within our practice, every client is called by a member of our support team after a treatment. The patient also receives an invitation for the client satisfaction survey. This allows our practice to optimally adapt the care to the wishes of our clients and also ensure this care.

Praktijk Gabriels checks the expertise and the expertise promotion of all our doctors and collaborating clinics. The locations where the treatments are carried out are all under the control of external parties in the field of hygiene, infection prevention and the facilities for the medication.

Praktijk Gabriels and the collaborating clinics all work according to the prescribed laws and regulations. In addition, they work according to the guidelines of the various professional groups. Within our practice we work with a quality and safety management system through which we continuously improve ourselves. The collaborating clinics also all have an approved and certified quality and safety management system.

The management and support staff are optimally committed to quality and safety within the practice. Training is also given to keep up-to-date with the latest state of affairs and keep everyone up-to-date.

The practice of Diana Gabriels always applies: your question is our concern!