B-lite prosthetic

Why should you choose the B-lite prosthetic?

A breast prosthetic always has a certain weight, which, thanks to gravity, constantly pulls on your breast tissue. Gravity works even more on your breast tissue when you move; doing sports, walking, taking the stairs etc. The B-lite prosthetic, however, overcomes the limitations of the traditional breast implants by drastically reducing gravitational stress by at least 30 per cent.



B-Lite prothese
  • B-lite: lightweight breast implant created by Innovation

  • B-lite prostheses therefore have an exceptionally high safety profile and, above all, offer less weight and therefore for a natural look.

  • By drastically reducing gravity stress by up to 30%!


  • Compare the operation of the B-lite prosthesis with a metal spring. The more you stretch a spring and the longer it takes, the less likely it will return to its original shape.

  • In other words: The less weight of the prosthesis, the less the breast will hang! Choose light, choose B-lite.


  • So ask your plastic surgeon about the B-lite prostheses.

    They will totally change your breast augmentation or breast reconstruction!

More information can be found on the B-Lite website.