1. Reduction of pigmentation
  2. More firmness and a lighter skin
  3. LiteScan is a very safe laser
  4. Treatment possible within two weeks

Bleaching pubic area

When a woman gives birth or gets older, the vagina can change. For example, the skin of the labia lips can become a bit softer, wrinkled and darker. Some women find this very unpleasant and truly suffer from it. Do you recognize this problem and does de darkness of your labia make you feel insecure? We can help you with a treatment that takes away the darkness in the vagina.

The LiteScan is a fractionated CO2 laser which can lift the skin of the vagina. This is possible because the laser reduces the pigmentation of the skin. In addition, the elasticity and firmness of the skin is improved. In a lot of dermatology treatments, this treatment is also used to lighten the skin in the face.

Before the treatment you will have a consult with our cosmetic gynecologist Joke Haartsen. During this interview you indicate which complaints you have and why you want the LiteScan treatment to be carried out. Of course there is also plenty of room for you to ask questions. Joke will give you all the necessary information and advice about the treatment, so that you are completely prepared.

Bleaching pubic area painless treatment

The treatment to bleach the pubic area is almost painless and is therefore not performed under anesthesia. The treatment is almost painless and is therefore not performed under full aesthetic. We have noticed that most woman experience no pain ore complaints after the treatment. The Litescan treatment is not an operation so it allows you to continue with your daily activities immediately.



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