1. Less excess skin or tissue
  2. Local anesthesia or complete anesthesia
  3. Treatment possible within two weeks
  4. Safe procedure

Many women suffer from vaginal complaints. One of these complaints may be that the clitoral cap is too large due to a excess of skin or tissue. We are happy to help you with your complaints!

What is a clitoral cap correction?

The clitoral cap, also known as clitoral cap, is the skin that covers and protects the clitoris. Some women have excess skin / tissue that creates an outstanding clitoral cap. This can cause annoying symptoms. For example, some women are bothered by wearing tight pants. In addition, most women often feel ashamed with these issues concerning there clitoral cap. A clitoral cap correction can change this!

During a clitoral cap correction, the excess skin of the clitoris is removed. This is done on both left and right side of the clitoris, nothing will be removed from the clitoris itself or the skin above the clitoris.This is in order to maintain the feeling in the clitoris. A clitoral cap correction is often done in combination with the reduction of the inner labia, so that the clitoris and clitoris cap protrude less. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia, but can also take place under full anesthetic if desired. On average, the clitoral cap correction does not take any longer than 30 minutes.

Make an appointment for a clitoral cap correction.

Before a clitoral cap correction of the inner labia can be performed, we would like to see you for a consult with our cosmetic gynecologist: Joke Haartsen. During this consultation you can indicate what issues you are bothered with, what your wishes are and of course you can ask questions. When the consultation has gone well and you decide to have the surgery carried out, an appointment will be booked for the operative treatment. After the procedure, the swelling of the vagina can last for about 6 to 10 weeks.

Are you interested in a clitoral cap correction and would you like to schedule a consultation with Joke Haartsen? She is present every Wednesday at Praktijk Gabriels from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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