1. Restores the contours of the labia
  2. Create more volume in different areas 
  3. Results are visible immediately
  4. Treatment possible within two weeks
  5. Filling the outside of the labia with your own fat

Filling the outer labia with own fat

One of the reasons that skin becomes weak and wrinkles occur is old age. As you get older, your skin becomes older. This can be caused by a reduction in collagen. Collagen provides a healthy and young skin, but is broken down by the body over time. This creates wrinkles and folds. This also happens in the labia, which can lead to annoying symptoms or an unattractive appearance. We want to help women by offering a treatment to fill the outer labia with fat of your own body. 

How does the treatment work?

The filling of the outer labia with our own fat is called lipofilling. To perform the procedure, we have to take some of your own tissue. This is called a liposuction. Fat is then sucked away and scraped from places like the belly or buttocks. This is done under complete anesthesia. This means that the whole body is numb, so that you will not notice anything of the procedure. You will not remember anything from the treatment after the operation. When the liposuction is complete, the fat will be injected into the labia. In this way, volume is reduced in the labia and it will look and feel younger again.

Pros and cons

The filling of the labia can be done in different ways and there are advantages and disadvantages to all options. Filling the labia with own fat is a more drastic operation than filling the labia up with fillers, because you have to undergo a lipofilling under anesthetic. The great advantage of a lipofilling is that the result remains visible for several years, while with a filler it has to repeated after a year.

Even though complications are rare in lipofilling, we would like to point out the risks. You can feel dizzy after the treatment or an infection can occur. Sometimes a inequality occurs in the distribution of the place where the fat cells have been removed or inserted. This can of course be corrected.


Are you interested in a filling the labia with your own fat? Or do you want more information? You can make an appointment here.

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