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What is a labia correction of the labia minora?

It is more common than most women think: too large inner labia. When your labia is too big, unpleasant symptoms can occur. We are glad we can help you with your labia correction.

Enlarged inner labia can occur due to a number of causes:

  1. It can simply just be hereditary
  2. The labia can change permanently during  and after having a child
  3. Menopause can cause the skin to loosen 
  4. Continuous irritation of the labia
  5. Inflammation in the area around the vagina

Labia correction – Every labia is different

No vagina is the same and therefore the size of the labia differs per woman. When the inner labia is too large, this can lead to pain or discomfort in daily activities like sports (such as cycling and riding). In addition, complaints can also arise during sex. These are annoying and serious complaints in which there is often also a feeling of shame.

Before you can undergo a labia correction of the inner labia we would like to see your for a consult with our gynecologist: Joke Haartsen. During this consultation you can explain to us what issues we can help you with, what your wishes are and you can ask questions. After the consultation, if you decide to have the treatment we will book an appointment for the operative treatment.

Labia correction is a simple procedure. In general, the treatment is done under local anesthesia.  During the treatment, excess skin is removed and the labia wil be re-modeled. After the excess skin is removed we use soluble sutures to close the incision.

When the labia correction has been performed, the area around the vagina will feel sensitive for a few hours when the anesthesia wears of. It can take 6 to 8 weeks before the swelling completely disappears.

If you are interested about the treatment and you would like to schedule an appointment? Drs. J. Haartsen is present every Wednesday from 10:00 to 20:00 at Praktijk Gabriels. Click here to make an appointment.

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