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Before the perineoplasty can be carried out, we would like to see you for a consult with our cosmetic gynecologist: Joke Haartsen. During this consultation you can indicate what bothers you, why you would like to have a perineoplasty and what your wishes are. Of course there is plenty of room to ask questions. Joke will give you information about the procedure and also give advice about the treatment that best suits your needs.

Wat is a Perineoplasty?

A vagina narrowing can be performed when the vagina is weakened, for example after birth, obesity, constipation, aging or muscle deconditioning. As a result, the muscles are weakened and the control of the muscles can decrease. This can cause annoying symptoms, such as mild urinary loss problems or less feeling during sex. We can help and support you through a perineoplasty (treatment to narrow the vagina).

The vagina narrowing takes about 1 to 2 hours and consists of a day of hospitalization. The treatment is performed under complete anesthesia. This means that the whole body is numb, so that you will not notice anything of the procedure. Even after the operation, you will not remember anything from the operation. You will go to sleep and wake up when the vagina constriction is complete.

A vagina narrowing is an operative procedure. A perineoplasty ensures that the vagina is made narrower because the muscles at the entrance of the vagina are brought together. The entrance of the vagina is smaller and you will also get more control and power over and in the muscles. 


Are you interested in a perineoplasty? Or do you want more information? You can make an appointment here.

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