1. No more pain or loss of sensation during sex

  2.  No more urine loss

  3. Femilift is a very safe laser

Many women suffer from gynecological issues in their lives, such as vaginal atrophy and stress incontinence. There can be various causes for this, for example a delivery or the transition. These causes can cause the vagina to weaken, this can result in unpleasant symptoms. We have a lot of experience in this treatment field and are very happy to help you with a treatment.

What is a vagina tightening?

A vagina tightening can be performed with the Femilift laser. The Femilift is a laser that can makes the skin of the vagina tighter and more rejuvenated. In addition, it also ensures a better blood circulation and the vagina will become more moist, this will help decrease symptoms such as pain during sex ore discomfort during exercise.

The advantages of the Femilift:

  1. It ensures a better blood circulation
  2. It provides a better stimulation of fluid balance
  3. It strengthens the skin / vaginal wall

The treatment is almost painless and is therefore not performed under general anesthesia. We have noticed that most woman experience no pain ore complaints after to the treatment. The Femilift is not an operation so it allows your to continue with your daily activities immediately.

Before the treatment you will have a consult with our cosmetic gynecologist Joke Haartsen. During this interview you indicate which complaints you have and why you want the Femilift treatment to be carried out. Of course there is also plenty of room for you to ask questions. Joke will give you all the necessary information and advice about the treatment, so that you are completely prepared.

In order to achieve the desired result, the treatment is performed 3 times.  There is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks between the treatments. We recommend to return once a year, to maintain the results of the treatment.

To carry out the treatment, you must purchase a Probe once. This is a tube that is placed over the laser before the treatment is carried out. This Probe is for you personally, so that the treatment can be carried out as hygienically as possible. The Probe can be purchased here in the practice.

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