Gynecological issues are much more common then women often think. More than half of the women experience vaginal issues in   there life. One of these issues can be vaginal atrophy. This is the reduction of hormone production after the transition (menopause), causing changes in the mucous membranes and connective tissue around the vagina. This means that the skin of the vagina becomes dryer, thinner and more sensitive. In addition, the elasticity and firmness of the vagina can decrease and the vagina can become more sensitive to vaginal infections. These issues can cause pain during sex and a tightening of the vagina. Approximately 40% of women are affected by these complaints. With a vaginal laser treatment (the Femilift) the vaginal wall can be repaired. The laser stimulates the build up of collagen and improves the mucous membranes of the vagina, which strengthens the vagina, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin of the vagina. This reduces the elasticity of the vagina and makes the vagina easier to moisten, resulting in improved sexual stimulation. In addition, loss of urine can be reduced by strengthening the vaginal wall.

What does the Femilift do for your vaginal issues?

Another vaginal issue that often occurs is stress incontinence: the most common form of unwanted urine loss. This causes loss of urine during pressure-increasing moments such as laughing, sneezing, coughing and exercising. Many women think that stress incontinence only occurs with older women, but it also occurs regularly with young women, especially young mothers. Through a Femilift treatment the urethra gets more support, the vaginal wall is made thicker and the pelvic floor is strengthened. The treatment relieves the symptoms of stress incontinence and can even completely solve the problem. Because the Femilift strengthens, and hydrates the vaginal wall, it also reduces symptoms of a heavy feeling and makes the vagina firmer. Women after the transition (menopause) also notice a decrease in vaginal dryness, recurrent infections and pain during sex.

How does the Femilift work?

The aging process of the body is a completely natural phenomenon, but it is often forgotten that the vagina also gets older. This process can be accelerated when the body is hormonally confused, for example in the transition (menopause) or during / after a pregnancy. The Femilift is made to reduce the above mentioned issues, sometimes even being completely removed, and thus ensures that the vagina becomes more vital. *

The advantages of the Femilift:

  1. It ensures a better blood circulation
  2. It provides a better stimulation of fluid balance
  3. It strengthens the skin / vaginal wall
  4. It can bleach the skin

The Femilift is a laser with different design pieces, so that every treatment can be performed as precisely as possible. The laser consists of 49 rays that ensure that collagen is produced.

In order to achieve the desired result, the treatment is performed 3 times. There is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks between treatments. We recommend returning once a year, to keep the treatment as good as possible.

Extra information about the Femillift treatment.

Are you interested in a Femilift treatment? Praktijk Gabriels works together with Joke Haartsen, the only doctor in the Netherlands who carries out this treatment. This treatment can be done without anesthetic, which means that you can go home immediately after the treatment. It is a painless treatment. Women can suffer from more discharge until a few days after treatment.

Sometimes even after the treatment, the woman still has some discomfort during sex. We recommend psychological support in that case.

To carry out the treatment, you must purchase a Probe once. This is a tube that is placed over the laser before the treatment is carried out. This Probe is for you personally, so that the treatment can be carried out as hygienically as possible. The Probe can be purchased in the practice.


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