1. A painless treatment
  2. Result after three days visible
  3. This treatment is only carried out at our practice in Barendrecht

You can reduce crow’s feet with a wrinkle treatment. Crow’s feet are also called smile wrinkles and are sometimes seen as charming and as a natural aging phenomenon. However, crow’s feet can disturb the calmness in the face through deep or multiple smile lines next to and under the eye. Crow’s feet can also make you look or feel older than you are. 

With the young elastic skin, crow’s feet pull away when the round eye muscle relaxes. As the skin ages, the elasticity and resilience disappears. As a result, you will get lines that are more and more visible during relaxation. The loss of elasticity can also cause the wrinkle that starts as crow’s feet to run over the cheek. In many cases these visible wrinkles are no problem. Especially if they are limited to the eyes and do not draw the face too deeply while resting. In fact, this is often a charming appearance. However, it is also possible that the crow’s feet continue and wrinkles occur over the cheeks. This makes you look older than you feel or are. In that case, treating crow’s feet can be considered.

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