Beautiful in a natural way

07-10-2018 | 08:00

Make-up artist Jacqueline Hoornweg is a qualified make-up artist and pigmentation specialist. Decorating the appearance while maintaining your natural look is her focus point. Not only that, it ensures that you do not suffer any more from running make-up through the summer and still look fresh and fruity at the end of the day.

Jacqueline has been working as a makeup artist for 30 years and still does all kinds of assignments to this day. She has provided the make-up for consumers as well as for big shows and brands such as Helena Rubinstein and Lancôme. That is where her love and passion for her current work grew. Together with a small team she was also present at the Amsterdam Fashion Week to take care of the make-up.

Now she shows her nice art at the Erasmus University. “The university has published a very beautiful magazine for alumni called ‘EA’. Graduates from the university will be included in the magazine, such as surgeons and professors. They all tell their story in the magazine and I make sure their make-up and hair look perfect. Regularly there is also a picture of me in the magazine with: make-up by Hoornweg cosmetics.

“In terms of make-up she has a lot of experience; Jacqueline only regretted that her clients could only temporarily enjoy their new look. This has resulted in her broad interest in pigmentation and permanent makeup. Every year Jacqueline follows several international master classes to stay up-to-date and to guarantee the quality. “I try to correct people in order to get the best out of someone. And I also do that with make-up. I try to camouflage the negatives and bring the plus points to the fore. In addition, I always give people tips where they can do something themselves. How they themselves can make certain things more beautiful.

This is what the makeup artist and skin advisor does to Praktijk Gabriels. She had been a customer for 20 years when Diana Gabriels heard what she could do. Jacqueline is a professional where customers can go for free advice on various treatments, including the cosmetic tattoo. This is what was lacking in practice.

How wonderful is it, for example, to go through life without makeup in the summer? You can also go to Jacqueline for fusion brow, browminent, scalp pigmentation, microblading, eye and lip liner and a skin booster treatment. Jacqueline works at the private clinic of Diana Gabriels on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

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