Driving without navigation along the Polar Circle for Stichting Aap

14-10-2018 | 08:00

“During my work in at the clinic, I meet many different people with special stories.” This includes one of our customers, Angela van Stoffelen. Together with her boyfriend she participates in a ride by the polar circle for Stichting Aap (Ape foundation). With a group of 30 teams she travels through 11 countries within 15 days to raise as much money as possible for the foundation. We as Praktijk Gabriels support this charity action by buying a sponsor sticker for the car. We help, you too?”. Diana Gabriels

Driving without navigation along the Polar Circle for Stichting Aap

Team MAAN. That is how Angela Stoffelen (29) and her boyfriend call themselves next year. Team MAAN travels from Hamburg within fifteen days through 11 countries for the Ape foundation without navigation. Ape Foundation gives monkeys and exotic mammals a future again.

Angela and her friend wanted to go on a trip. But it did not have to be an ordinary trip. In the quest for adventure and challenge, she came across the Baltic Sea Circle rally. A road trip around the Baltic Sea. The northernmost adventure rally in the world. A condition to participate in this, is the collection of 750 euros for charity. Their trip starts in Hamburg on 23 February 2019. After that they will drive to Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, along the Arctic Circle, Russia and the Baltic states. From home to home, via a detour of their lives. “Normally you would never make such a trip and now it can also be done for a good cause”, says Stoffelen enthusiastically.

“We sell stickers that we will place on our car from January 2019 until June 2019,” continues Angela. A part of each sold sticker or donation goes to the cost of the trip and the rest goes to the foundation. Cost is understood to mean refueling and eating during their journey. The car must also be fitted with a built-in heater. The temperature in these countries is dropping to no less than -20 degrees. Fortunately, they are sponsored spare parts from a nearby garage. “That’s handy, because we’ll be in the middle of nowhere with temperatures below zero!”

Although team MAAN is left to its fate during the journey of 8,500 kilometers, they are not entirely alone. Approximately 30 teams participate in this adventure. “If we are unlucky, everyone helps each other. We all have the same route “.

Do you want to know more about this friendly action or do you want to sponsor Angela? View this Facebook page. Here you can also find out how you can donate money. That is still possible during the entire rally. Praktijk Gabriels helps team MAAN and foundation Aap. You too?


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