How do you get the perfect eye brows?

25-09-2018 | 16:59

Above you see the for- and after-picture of a lady who had old pigment and unequal jobs. Jacqueline Hoornweg has done her best to bring the eyebrows to each other as much as possible. The technique she has used for this is called Microblading. Read more about eyebrow pigmentation techniques below.


3D hairstroke technique

The hairstroke technique can be applied in different ways. The hairstroke technique literally means hairlines technique. The hairs are thus simulated and colored. This can be done by means of the knife technique either microblading or by means of a micro needle in which the hairs are tattooed. The hairs are then drawn into the skin with a fine needle. In the microblading technique we draw the hairs into the eyebrow with a paper-thin blade, after which we color it with pigment. The final result of both methods hardly differs. Both are precision work where a natural result is paramount.

Shadow technique

In the shadow technique, the entire eyebrow is colored with a shadow. Thus, the eyebrow is more plain. This is a more decorative way of permanent make-up. This technique gives a slightly less natural result because the original hair growth is less visible.

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