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It all started when Priscilla went to the doctor in February 2016 because she was feeling faint and her heart rate was very high. After a blood test, her sugar value seemed too high. She must take an action to lose in order to prevent diabetes. She hopes with her story to help others who experience the same.

“Since I am very small (1.52m) and weighed 97.9kg at that time, I knew that I had to take something seriously to avoid diabetes. Since I have children and I want to see them grow up, I decided to start a conversation with my doctor about the possibilities for a gastric bypass. I had a BMI of 43 and it was no problem to be referred. I immediately called to the hospital for an intake interview. After a good conversation on 29 March 2016, I got the green light and I was finally allowed to enter the process.

The process lasted 7 months and I had many conversations with various specialists: the surgeon, internist, psychologist and dietician. They all had their opinion and had to discuss whether I could be operated at all. Eventually I got my final meeting on July 12, 2016 and my operation date was recorded, provided I dropped 6 kilos. This was necessary to shrink my liver. On 23 October 2016 the new life of Priscilla 2.0 started, as I say it myself.

The operation has brought me so much good I have been reborn and can see my children grow up. I can do so much more: am so fit and healthy. Something I should have done much earlier. I do not regret my decision for a moment. This was a new beginning of my life and I was 100% behind that.

My motivation was my partner and children. If I want to get old with them something really had to happen and the button really had to be. I have lost 45 kg with the help of the gastric bypass operation and have now been stable for almost a year at 52.5 kg. This has had a very positive effect on my life. My life is so much nicer now. I can do so much more, am fit, healthy, can do everything with my family again and my life looks very nice for almost 2 years. I can finally say: ‘Yes, I see myself growing old with my family with a healthy future.’

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