What is Botox Okseldry?

30-09-2018 | 08:00

The name says it all. This is botox against excessive sweating. The goal of treatment with Botulinum Toxin type A is to improve the appearance of excessive perspiration.

Excessive sweating can be a problem for many people in daily life. You get it from wild dancing, nerves or just fanatic sports. Not only does clothing wear out faster, especially aesthetically and in the social field it is annoying. In extreme cases, people can even close themselves. With the arrival of this treatment, this is no longer necessary.

Sweat glands are all over the body, we have about 2 to 5 million. Anti-perspiration blocks the stimulus transfer of the nerves. The blocked nerves no longer transmit a signal in this way to produce sweat. The sweat production therefore decreases. Not feared, all other nerve functions remain intact.

Deodorants can help, but if you want to go unhindered without wet spots in your clothing Botox Okseldry is a fine solution. The treatment takes place in one or two sessions, depending on the doctor’s advice. The result will be noticeable over the course of a few days to two weeks. After a period of time, the active substance breaks down naturally, after which you can decide to continue the treatment. The results of the treatment usually last around 6 to 12 months. For people who need more treatments, a repeat treatment every six months is enough to keep the sweat production at a pleasant level.

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