Dr. F. Petit

Meet dr. François Petit

With more that 15 years of experience, dr. François Petit is competent in handling all types of cosmetic surgery projects. This can vary from reconstructive surgery to non-surgical treatments.

Doctor and surgeon dr. Petit is qualified in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Petit studied plastic surgery at Harvard University in the United States and is former head physician at Hôpitaux de Paris. He also graduated in microsurgery and has a Masters in anatomy.

As the winner of the National Academy of Medicine award, dr. Francois Petit is committed to using the latest techniques in plastic surgery. His goal is to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and comfort for his patients. Ambulatory surgery, which allows the patient to go home the same day (without overnight stay), is an example of this. Dr. Petit also trained three of our doctors: dr. Pieter Hupkens, dr. Kevin Peters and drs. Patrice Grabietz. At the invitation of Diana Gabriels, dr. Petit comes to the Netherlands to work at Praktijk Gabriels.

* Dr. F. Petit, a plastic surgeon recognized in France. Because the BIG registration is in force in the Netherlands, it is not permitted by law to operate independently without being registered in the BIG register. The application for dr. Petit has been submitted but has not been granted yet. Therefore, the surgeon performs the treatment under the supervision of one of our BIG registered surgeons. Our patients are informed of the supervising physician prior to the procedure.