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Dr. P. Hupkens studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam. Afterwards, he stayed in the United States for scientific research. After his general surgery training he specialized in plastic surgery at the Radboud UMC in Nijmegen in 2005, where he has been working as a staff member since then. Since 2015, Dr Hupkens has been connected to Praktijk Gabriels, where he is involved with corrections of the face, breasts and stomach.

Dr. P. Hupkens says: “working at Praktijk Gabriels has been a conscious choice for me. My main motivation is the common pursuit of quality and service. In addition, the pleasant atmosphere also played an important role in this practice.

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Plastic surgery brings physical improvements with positive effects on functioning in daily life. A contour correction by volume change and skin improvement ensure a harmonious end result. This gives energy – it feels like you can handle the whole world. The people in your area will notice this, without knowing that you have undergone treatment.

The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is not only to become more beautiful, but to increase the quality of life in the broadest sense of the word. Improving the appearance gives more success at work and more fun in leisure time.

The most beautiful moments? For me, these are the control agreements after the operation. There is a striking improvement in appearance and clients then say that the treatment has gone down considerably. Many clients say in retrospect that they wished they would have choosen the treatment much earlier. A nice compliment! “

Dr. P. Hupkens operates in Kliniek Amstelveen and Kliniek Holystaete Vlaardingen. He is present every Friday and Saturday in Barendrecht from 4 pm to 9 pm.

BIG registration number: 39039815201

* BIG-register: T 0900 – 899 82 25 https://www.bigregister.nl/zoeken/zoekenopbignummer/