Drs. A. Hassan

Meet drs. A. Hassan

Dr. A. Hassan was born in Iraq, but has been living in the Netherlands since 1999. She studied medicine at the University of Maastricht. She completed her final year at the plastic surgery department in the Maxima Medical Center Veldhoven / Eindhoven.

Initially, Awat Hassan opted for training as Traumachirurg in Germany. In addition to her job as an injectables doctor she also worked on emergency care.
As Awat Hassan himself says “I am always open to other possibilities but my interests are more in the field of Plastic Surgery.”

Drs. A. Hassan works as an injectables doctor at Praktijk Gabriels. She specializes in botox, fillers and bleaching the pubic area’s.
Awat will never advise anyone. Instead, she asks her clients to look in the mirror and tell them what they would like to see. “It is nice to give people a good feeling. That they see what they wanted to see after a treatment. “

In addition to the injectable treatment, she can also add liposculpture to her list in practice.