Drs. J. Haartsen

Meet drs. J. Haartsen

Drs. J. Haartsen has more than twenty years of experience as a gynecologist. After completing her studies in medicine at the University of Maastricht in 1986, she completed her specialization in Obstetric & Gynecology in Heerlen and Maastricht in 1995.

Her areas of interest include urogynaecology and cosmetic gynecology. In cosmetic gynecology she has specifically focused on labial corrections, perineoplasty with operative vaginal stenosis and vaginal laser treatments.

Drs. J. Haartsen is a senior member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG), member of the International UroGynaecological Association (IUGA) and of the Dutch Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (NVOG) in which she participates in various working groups. Her BIG registration number is 29021289501.

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