Drs. P. Grabietz

Meet drs. Grabietz

Drs. Grabietz was born and raised in Enschede. He studied medicine at the University of Utrecht and was an intern at the University of Cape Town, Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical School in Boston. He started his specialization in the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam in 2001, after which he continued his specialization in plastic surgery at the UMCG in Groningen.

After completing his training as a plastic surgeon, he further specialized at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam in the reconstructive surgery of the head and neck area. He also specialized in the reconstructive breast surgery. After this he was connected to the Medical Center Haaglanden in The Hague for some while.

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Drs. P. Gabrietz does facial corrections, eyelid corrections, breast corrections, breast lifts, breast enlargements, extensive tummy tucks and also major tummy tucks after extreme weight loss.

Drs. Grabietz is a member of the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and BIG registered.

BIG registration number: 69048565201

* BIG-register: T 0900 – 899 82 25 https://www.bigregister.nl/zoeken/zoekenopbignummer/

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