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Eyebrow lift

What is an eyebrow lift?

If your eyebrows have dropped, this can give a sad expression to your face. Sometimes the skin around the upper eyelids stretches that it hangs over the eyes. Often you can also suffer from an angry expression. If only the outer part of your eyebrow has dropped, an eyebrow lift may be the solution.

The complaints can correspond to a sagging eyebrow with a surplus of skin of the upper eyelids. However, when the space between the eyebrow and the lashes is too small, eyelid correction alone is not the solution.

How does an eyebrow lift work?

For the treatment, we make photos in your medical file. An eyebrow lift is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about one hour. The plastic surgeon removes a strip of skin and connective tissue in the hairline above the sleep. A strip of skin is also removed just above the eyebrow (on the outside). The tissue is then tightened and sutured. The scars are in the hairline and are therefore not visible. The wound is covered with a plaster.

The cuts needed to be able to execute an eyebrow lift are attached as nicely as possible. The scars are hidden (if possible) in a fold of skin, just above the eyebrow. In the first months, the scars can be rather fiery. After this period, they assume more and more the same color as your skin.

When am I suitable for an eyebrow lift?

If you suffer from hanging eyebrows that make you look older and give you a sad or tired look, you are eligible for an eyebrow lift. However, the doctor determines whether you are suitable for an eyebrow lift.

What are the benefits of an eyebrow lift?

  • No tired or angry expression anymore

  • Clear results after a week

  • Get your fit look back

  • The operation lasts 60 minutes

  • Recovery time is 4 to 7 days

  • Local anesthesia or general anesthesia


During the first consultation, we discuss all issues related to the treatment. You and the consultant will also discuss about what disturbs you most about your eyebrows and what you would like to change. The methods and operation techniques will also be discussed and researched which suits you best, what results you can expect, what the possible risks of this procedure are and how the aftercare will look like. You will always receive honest advice and will be informed in a clear way about the treatment and the period that follows.

The plastic surgeon will then also check whether you are a suitable candidate for an eyebrow lift. The surgeon will ask about your health, medical background and any medication. If you use blood-thinning medication, you must stop at least one week before treatment.

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What can I expect after an eyebrow lift?

The final effect is only visible after the surgical wound and the subcutaneous tissue have completely healed. This process takes about three months.

You can go home immediately after the procedure. You are not allowed to drive yourself, so bring someone who can take you home.

The wounds are sutured after the procedure and taped with water-resistant plasters. After two weeks the stitches are removed. The other subcutaneous sutures dissolve automatically after a period of time.

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