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Lip lift

Do you have narrow lips and would you like to make the lips appear fuller? Then the lip lift is suitable for you! With the lip lift the distance between the upper lip and the nose is shortened. By removing a piece of skin, the upper lip is pulled up, making the lip more visible. Besides that the lip appears fuller, the teeth are also more visible.

  • Lip lift under local anesthesia: 1250 euro
  • Lip lift under general anesthesia: 1750 euro

How is a lip lift done?

The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, but also under general anesthesia. With a local anesthetic you can go home after half an hour to an hour. With a general anesthetic you can go home after a few hours.

Before the plastic surgeon starts the procedure, he marks the area according to plan. When the anesthetic has worked in, a strip or skin is removed between the upper lip and the nose. The incision will be made under the nose. As a result, a scar is hardly visible.


All topics that are related to the treatment will be discussed during the first consultation. Tell us what bothers you most about your lips and what you would like to change about this. We will discuss how the procedure works, what result you can expect, what the possible risks are and how the process will continue after the surgery.

The plastic surgeon will then check whether you are a suitable candidate for a lip lift. The doctor will ask about your health, medical background and if there are any medication use.

What are the advantages of a lip lift?

  • Lips seem fuller
  • Teeth will be more visible
  • Downtime for 7 to 14 days
  • Choose for local or general anesthetics
  • Permanent change

What can I expect after a lip lift?

You will stay in the clinic for a few more hours after the procedure (duration depends on local anesthesia or general anesthesia), until the doctor and the nursing staff decide that it’s safe for you to go home. It is important for someone to pick you up. We highly recommend you not to drive a car yourself.

If the anesthetic starts to work out, the wound may feel a bit burning. The pain will not be pleasant, but it will be bearable. The area around the mouth can also feel tight for the first few days. The lip needs some time to recover. It is therefore possible that you have a very sensitive or numb lip in the first two weeks. In addition, the lip may look red and swollen. These are very normal side effects that disappear automatically after a few weeks. The check-up will follow after seven days and the stitches will be removed.

lip lift

How does that work?

The incisions in the figure show which parts of the lip are again attached to each other.

An incision is made, then a strip of skin is cut out, and final the skin will be stitched together right under the nose.

This scar will fade over time and will be virtually invisible.

The lip is permanently enlarged.

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