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Transgender Care Path

It is important to know what the options are, what preparations need to be made and what needs to be taken into account. A care path has been developed to make it all clearer. This transgender care path clearly explains how the process can run.

transgender care path

The care path offers an overview of all possible options and processes in transgender care. To make it even clearer, a PDF has been drawn up explaining the various route aspects that can be seen in the diagram above.

The entire transition process is presented in this care path; but this does not mean that everyone has to choose to complete the entire process from start to finish. A transgender process is personal and therefore also varies from person to person.


  • Adam’s apple correction

    A typical characteristic of the man is the Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple is a part of the thyroid cartilage that grows with boys in puberty. Through an Adam’s apple reduction it is possible to reduce the Adam’s apple. The Adam’s apple will be reduced, but keep in mind that the pitch of your voice will not change.

  • Liplift

    The distance between the upper lip and the nose is shortened. This is done by removing a small strip of skin. As a result, the upper lip will be raised as a minimum, making the lip red more visible. Besides that the lip appears fuller, the teeth are also more visible.

  • Hairline lowering

    The hairline is one of the most important issues for many trans women, at Praktijk Gabriels we offer the hairline reduction. Dr. Verhaeghe brings the hairline forward while he also works on the forehead. However, patients with significant male pattern baldness may need a hair transplant surgery.

  • Forehead correction

    The big difference between the male and female foreheads is that men often have a larger and more pronounced forehead. The upper edge of the eye socket is also called the “eyebrow bow.” Female foreheads rarely or never have an eyebrow bow. Feminizing the forehead is one the most commonly performed FFS treatment.

  • Bilateral eyebrow lift

    The eyebrow lift is already a well-known procedure in plastic surgery. This is often done with men or women who want to regain their youthful appearance. For the trans woman, this procedure can offer a solution to make the face more feminine.

  • Cheekbone correction

    High cheekbones are seen as feminine and attractive in a female face. In addition, full cheeks exude softness and youthfulness. Women usually have slightly more prominent cheekbones than men. A cheekbone correction is usually performed in combination with other facial treatments, because accentuating the cheekbones alone has little influence on the feminization of the male’s face.

  • Jawline correction

    The female contour is one of the most characteristic of a female face. The contour is mainly determined by the shape of the jaw. The male jaw has a square appearance. The female jaw, on the other hand, is a bit softer in shape. In addition to the forehead correction and the eyebrow lift, the jawline correction can ensure that you get a feminine appearance.

  • Chin correction

    The male chin looks more square and robust than the female chin. This is because the flat part of the male chin lies between two points directly under the canines. By making a cut in the chin bone and removing a part of this bone, the height of the chin becomes smaller and narrower.

  • Laser hair removal

    Do you suffer from unwanted and / or excessive hair growth? Annoying hair growth is now a thing of the past thanks to the Diode laser! This laser is therefore very suitable for the treatment of over-hair in all skin types. On average, five treatments are needed for a definitive result.

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Forehead correction
Bilateral eyebrow lift
Hairline lowering
Chin correction
Jawline correction
Cheekbone correction
Adam’s apple correction
Laser hair removal