Transgender day

On this day, Praktijk Gabriels focuses on people with questions about their transition. The focus is primarily on the feminization of the male face, or Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). FFS is a combination of surgical procedures aimed at reducing what we call “male facial features,” giving the face a softer and more feminine appearance. A born man goes into transition to become a woman.

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At the invitation of Diana Gabriels dr. Wim Verhaeghe will tell you more about the treatments.

Dr. Wim Verhaeghe studied medicine and dentistry at UGent. At the UZ Gent, Dr. Verhaeghe specialized as a resident and as deputy clinic head.

Dr. Verhaeghe is a mouth, jaw and facial surgeon who also specializes in dentistry and implantology. In addition, he has a strong interest in head and neck oncology and orthognatic surgery in the context of dysgnathy, sleep apnea syndrome and gender dysphoria.

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Wim Verhaeghe


There are also treatments for a born women who goes into transition to continue life as a man. This includes breast removal. A male chest is hereby obtained by:

  • removing excess mammary gland tissue
  • if necessary, by reducing the size of nipple and areola
  • a correction of the excess skin
  • repositioning the nipple

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Transgender Care Path

It is important to know what the options are, what preparations need to be made and what needs to be taken into account. A care path has been developed to make it all clearer. This transgender care path clearly explains how the process can run.

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The care path offers an overview of all possible options and processes in transgender care. To make it even clearer, a PDF has been drawn up explaining the various route aspects that can be seen in the diagram above.

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The entire transition process is presented in this care path; but this does not mean that everyone has to choose to complete the entire process from start to finish. A transgender process is personal and therefore also varies from person to person.


Subsidy settlement for transgender women

This regulation states that a transgender woman can apply for a one-off subsidy for the surgical placement of breast prostheses. The subsidy amount is € 3,830 and ends on 1 February 2024. You can apply via

What does the subsidy settlement entail?

The subsidy settlement is intended for transgender women who want a breast augmentation with breast implants. With the grant you pay (a part of) the costs for the surgical placement of breast implants and medical costs associated with this operation. The subsidy amount is € 3,830. To receive the subsidy, you must meet a number of conditions.

There are five conditions that you must meet:

?You are a resident of the Netherlands, which means that you have lived in the Netherlands for more than 4 months and are registered here with a municipality.
?You are 18 years or older.
?You need a recent statement (maximum 2 months old) from a BIG registered doctor. This can be a doctor or medical specialist. In that statement the doctor declares the following: that you have been using gender-confirming hormones (estrogen plasters, pills, gel) for at least a year on the prescription of a doctor; or that there are medical grounds that prevent you from undergoing gender-confirming hormone treatment; or that for medical reasons you have stopped the gender-confirming hormone treatment within a year.
?You have not undergone the operation (placement of breast implants) before.
?You cannot claim reimbursement for the operation via the health insurance policy. This reimbursement is only available when there is little or no breast growth. This is the case if there is no fold under the breast (inframammary fold) and there is less than 1 cm of glandular tissue, which is demonstrated by an ultrasound. Do you think this is the case with you or do you have doubts about this? Then contact us.

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