1.  Wrinkles around and under the eyes
  2. Wrinkles on your forehead or around your mouth
  3. Scars (also with chickenpox and acne)
  4. Pigment stains
  5. Large pores
  6. Outdated or damaged skin

Praktijk Gabriels is the proud owner of the Pixel Co2 Laser for skin improvement. This fractional laser combines comparable results from the conventional Pixel Co2 Laser with fewer complications and a shorter recovery time. Due to micro-injuries in the skin, the skin recovers quickly and the collagen production is stimulated. The treatment improves the skin, reduces fine lines, refines rough pores and reduces (acne) scars. Interested? We are happy to tell you more!

Who is this treatment suitable for?

When you suffer from aging or damaged skin, wrinkles around the eyes ore face, (acne) scars, pigmentation spots and large pores, the Pixel Co2-Laser can be the solution. It must be said that the laser is less suitable for skin types V and VI. We have alternative treatments for these skintypes. You can discuss this with the doctor.

At this moment the laser treatment can be performed in the following regions:
– mouth / eyes
– Whole face
– Face + neck
– Cleavage
– Hands


An intake is performed during the first visit to the practice. You first talk to the doctor about which complaints you have and what results you expect. Information will be given about the treatment and you can ask questions when you have them. Sometimes treatment is possible immediately after the intake, but that is not always the case.

The treatment
An anesthetic cream is applied beforehand. You also get glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. The laser treatment lasts about 30 minutes. The laser makes microscopic holes in the skin, removing the upper layer of the skin. In addition, the skin is heated under the skin surface, causing more collagen to be produced in the skin. More collagen ensures that the skin becomes firmer. During the treatment you may experience a bit of burning and stinging.

After treatment
When you have a Pixel Co2 Laser treatment, you have to take into account a recovery period of 7 days. It is very important that you protect your skin against the sun. We also advise you not to sunbathe 6 weeks before, until 6 weeks after the treatment. During this recovery period, make-up, sauna, swimming and smoking are strongly discouraged. This can effect the healing process.

After the treatment the skin will be red and sensitive and it may feel like you have been burned by the sun. After about an hour this feeling will pull away. White dots are visible, these are the holes that are made in the skin. These become small crusts that disappear after 3-7 days. The skin can completely renew itself after the scabs have been removed. Keep in mind that you need about 3 to 5 treatments, with intervals of 3-4 weeks, to achieve maximum results.

Click here for the pricing of the treatment of the different regions with the Pixel Co2-Laser.


Are you interested in a Pixel Co2-Laser treatment or do you want more information?
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