1. Skinboosters: hydrateren, voeden en verstevigen
  2. Huidverbetering met natuurlijke ingredienten 
  3. Voor het gezicht, het lichaam en haarverlies!
  4. Weg met de vale huid, rokershuid, rijpe huid, slappe huid en fijne lijntjes

We all feel better when our skin looks good. A beautiful skin is therefore a beauty ideal that most people want to satisfy, but there are outside influences that can ensure that our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like. Sun, wind and cold is one of these influences. In addition, smoking or illness can cause dry skin, fine lines and pigmentation spots. Acne can also cause a skin that can make you insecure. We are happy to help you with these uncertainties with a treatment of skin boosters! We’ll tell you all about it here.

What is a skin booster?
When the skin ages, it loses hyaluronic acid. This is a body substance and ensures that collagen is made in the skin, making the skin look fresher and younger. A skin booster is a water-thin filler based on hyaluronic acid and is sprayed with many small injections into the area to be treated. It does not provide so much for volume, as a filler does, but just for hydration. The skin is therefore less dry and will look radiant again. The pores of the skin will refine and the fine lines will soften. It can also have a beneficial effect on acne scars

A skin booster can be used for the face, the body (for example the neck, hands and neckline) and it can also prevent hair loss.

A skin booster treatment has to be repeated a number of times for the best possible result. We recommend to visit 3 times in 3 months for a treatment. Thereafter, the doctor will be consulted when you come back for a maintenance treatment. Usually this is 1 time in the half year.

Free consultation
Are you interested in a skin booster treatment or do you want more information? Then make an appointment with our skin consultant Jacqueline Hoornweg working for Praktijk Gabriels on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Make an appointment here for a free consultation.

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