1. Anti-wrinkle treatment
  2. Rested appearance
  3. No more headache
  4. Within a week result
  5. Almost painless
  6. No more grumpy expression
  7. No longer the question of whether you are tired or angry

Horizontal forehead wrinkles above the eyebrows become dependent on the action between the eyebrows and the hairline. With a wrinkle treatment, the muscle relaxes, existing wrinkles fade and new wrinkles are prevented. The position of the eyebrows and the extra skin of the upper eyelids can determine whether or not the forehead is being treated. In other cases, a correction to the upper eyelid is recommended first. During the consultation you will be given an explanation of what is the best treatment for you.

How does it work?

Frown wrinkles are caused by muscle tension between the eyebrows and can cause an angry expression. After years of frowning, these lines no longer leave, even if you look relaxed. Thanks to a wrinkle treatment – in combination with fillers – your frown will dissappear and you will keep your natural look. People also often experience a relaxed and calm feeling in the forehead.

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