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Gastric balloon

What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon placed in the stomach through the mouth and esophagus. The gastric balloon continuously fills part of your stomach without you noticing it. This makes you feel full much faster because it limits food intake. Your body gets used to eating less, which means it you will maintain the feeling of being full even after removing the gastric balloon. Compared to other drugs, the gastric balloon is an extremely safe method to quickly and drastically reduce stomach contents. You do not have to be operated for this. Praktijk Gabriels is happy to help you in the battle against the kilos.

Praktijk Gabriels acts as a mediator. Registration and follow-up appointments are offered in Barendrecht (NL). Our patients are treated under the responsibility of and in a bariatric center in Belgium.

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Annemarie before the gastric balloon

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Annemarie after the gastric balloon


What are the benefits of a gastric balloon?

  • Possibly with a BMI from 29

  • The balloon fills 80% of the stomach

  • You lose about 15% body weight without surgery

  • A gastric balloon is safe and gives no or only a few temporary side effects

  • You get used to a healthy lifestyle and can therefore continue to gain weight after the program

  • You can enjoy eating and exercising again.

When am I suitable for a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is suitable for people who have already tried everything to lose weight but afterwards even more have arrived. The gastric balloon is also suitable for people who are extremely overweight who do not want to opt for an operation. You are eligible for a gastric balloon from a BMI of 29.

How does placing a gastric balloon work?

When you have chosen to have a gastric balloon, you naturally want to know how that works. This treatment is a non-surgical procedure, which means that you will not cut and that you will not be anesthetized. However, your throat will first be anesthetized, after which a light sleeping aid will be given to place the gastric balloon. First, with a camera, it will be checked whether the esophagus, diaphragm and stomach are in order. The small camera is attached to a tube, which makes this possible. When all is well, the placement of the gastric balloon can begin. The empty, rolled-up gastric balloon will be placed in the stomach through a “filling tube” through your mouth. When the balloon is placed in the stomach, this tube will fill the balloon with 500 ml of physiological saline. When this is done, the balloon will be closed and the procedure will be completed.


Bariatrics is a collective term for all surgeries for countering excess weight. Think of a gastric balloon, a gastric band, a gastric sleeve and a gastric bypass.

We understand very well that it is a big step to make a first appointment for a bariatric procedure. Therefore, we can expect that we will fully support you in this, if you want to. We advise you to bring your partner or good knowledge to the first consultation.

During the first consultation, we discuss all topics related to the treatments. This is how we approach the conversation about what is most disturbing to your body and what you would like to change about it. The methods and operation techniques will also be discussed and researched which suits you best, what results you can expect, what the possible risks of this surgery are and how the aftercare will look like. You will always receive honest advice and will be informed in a clear way about the treatment and the period that follows.

During the first consultation, the consultant also checks whether you are a suitable candidate for the bariatric procedure of your choice. The surgeon will ask about your health, medical background and any medication. If you use blood-thinning medication, you must stop at least one week before treatment.

After this initial consultation, you can make the right choice. We understand that during the first consultation a lot of information comes to you. Do not hesitate to contact us after this conversation.

What can I expect after placing a gastric balloon?

After the operation, you will stay in the recovery room for at least 2 hours. If your body functions are good and the doctor has fired you, you can go home. Know that you cannot take part in the traffic for the first week after the operation, unless otherwise stated by the doctor.

Do not use dangerous machines during the first week. Do not use tobacco, drugs or alcohol.

Smoking narrows blood vessels and can interfere with wound healing or general recovery. It is therefore advisable to stop smoking four weeks before to four weeks after the procedure.

The body has undergone treatment and has to restore at its own pace. This differs per person but always needs time. We have summarized the most important rules of life after the procedure in our leaflet “Life rules after bariatrics”.

The day after the operation you will be called by the support team of Praktijk Gabriels. An appointment is made for the first check, after 2 weeks. Six months after placement you have an appointment with the doctor to remove the gastric balloon. This period is chosen because the manufacturer guarantees that the gastric balloon will not leak during this period. If the gastric balloon stays longer and starts to leak because it is affected by stomach acid, then the liquid naturally leaves the body.

Everybody is unique. This means that everyone will lose weight in his or her way and pace. We therefore cannot offer any guarantee on how much weight you will lose within six months. Of course, you will eat much less than before but this also concerns the type of food that you get inside. The average weight loss with a gastric balloon is 15 to 20 percent of your body weight if you stick to the rules of life. So, there is a possibility to lose about 20 kilos in three months with the gastric balloon.

In addition, we recommend to move enough during this process, for a better and faster result.