How do we ensure care |Praktijk Gabriels

We strive to provide our patients with the best medical care and service. This applies to before, during and after a treatment. We guarantee this care by working exclusively with experienced and registered professionals. We offer good pre- and aftercare. We try to advise the patient as fully as possible by providing information. We do not only promise this, but also implement it and then ask our patients to assess this.

Our method

Doctors are known to manage a specific procedure well. This also applies to clinics. Diana Gabriels knows exactly which clinic and doctor to combine in order to get a top result. That makes Diana Gabriels so special: Diana Gabriels is not attached to anything and only works with the best.

Not only expertise is important, but customer service, hygiene and safety are also important. Every quarter we evaluate the collaboration with the doctors and the corresponding customer satisfaction. In addition, every six months we conduct an extensive audit where we evaluate the following matters (and more):

  1. Training doctors
  2. Recording doctors in the mandatory registers
  3. Training support staff
  4. Quality certificates clinic
  5. Hygiene
  6. Customer service
  7. Course of treatment

Experiences of our patients

In 2014, patients who underwent surgery at the practice of Diana Gabriels valued us on average with a 9.0. 96 percent of those surveyed also indicated that they would do another treatment with us. The ISO certification obliges us to substantiate these figures.

ISO certificate and registration

The practice of Diana Gabriels is ISO 9001 and NEN-EN 15224 certified. This means that we have an ISO certificate for advising and performing plastic surgery, including aftercare. The condition of this certification is that we ask our patients to assess our method. We use these assessments to evaluate our medical care and service and, if necessary, to improve.

We work exclusively with clinics and doctors who meet all our strict requirements:

The medical specialists are *BIG and **MSRC registered and have a demonstrable education and training followed in aesthetic surgery.
The nurses are *BIG-registered and members of the V & VN. The anesthetists are NVA-registered.
The anesthetic assistants are NVAM-registered.
The surgery assistants are LVO registered.
The recovery employees are members of V & VN.

* BIG register. (Act BIG (1998): Act on Professions in Individual Health Care). T 0900 – 899 82 25 ** Medical Specialists Register in Utrecht. T 030 – 2823244

We work together with Apotheek Carnisselande, Middeldijkerplein 2, in Barendrecht. Supervising pharmacist: Mrs. D. van Dijk