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  3. This treatment is only carried out at our practice in Barendrecht

What does a nasolabial fold correction mean?

The nasolabial fold runs on both sides of the nose, from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. With aging, this fold becomes deeper. This can give a tired and sad expression.

This fold is softened with a filler. Depending on the depth of the fold and the skin structure, a thicker or thinner gel is chosen. With a few pricks this gel is placed under the fold to create a natural and fresh look. Depending on the chosen gel, the result remains visible for one to one and a half years. It is important to take the volume in the cheeks and cheekbones into account when treating the nasolabial fold. If these areas have lost some of their contour, it is often nice to supplement this loss. This lifts the nasolabial fold, giving you a larger and longer visible effect with the filling.

Often, in addition to the nasolabial fold, finer and less deep wrinkles occur, the so-called smile lines. These are caused by a strong (laugh) facial expression in combination with skin that loses firmness and souplesse. Laughing wrinkles can be nicely filled with a thin to medium thick gel.

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