1. Fast weight loss
  2. Without adjustments after the operation
  3. In many cases normal eating paterns are possible
  4. Be operated within two weeks

A gastric bypass can help you lose weight quickly, making you feel better in your own skin. Also a healthier lifestyle can begin. We are happy to help you achieve your goals.

How does a gastric bypass work?

A gastric bypass ensures that less food can be taken in (a so-called restrictive procedure), and less food can be stored (this is also called malabsorption). A gastric bypass is actually a gastric bypass where the stomach is made smaller and the digestive tract is partly diverted. This is done in the following way: First, the doctor makes a smaller stomach bag from the upper part of the stomach. The new stomach has about the volume of an espresso cup and thus ensures that you can eat less. This new stomach bag is connected to the small intestine. The passage to the rest of the stomach is closed, but the rest of the stomach remains in the body. With a gastric sleeve the rest of the stomach is removed, not with the gastric bypass. Finally, the end of the duodenum is connected to the small intestine. This ensures that the stomach, bile and pancreatic juices still end up in the food, so that it can be digested.

Pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to every operation. The biggest advantage of the gastric bypass is that you quickly lose a lot of weight and can therefore quickly reach a healthy weight. It is important to mention that the gastric bypass is a tool. It is possible to gain weight again after a gastric bypass. When you change your lifestyle, and therefore eat less and excersize more, you will maintain the healthy weight. A disadvantage of the gastric bypass is that the digestive juices later end up at the food, so that the body can digest food less well.

The following complications can occur during or after the procedure:
– Seam leakage
– The doctor has to make new connections for the stomach to work optimally. These connections can sometimes leak.
– Vomit
– Gallstones
– Vitamin deficiency. The best thing you can do in this case is to stay calm, lie down quietly and drink water. If you have had a gastric bypass performed, you will have to swallow vitamins, because the small portions that you can now eat do not provide enough vitamins.
– Dumping. Dumping occurs when high-calorie food enters the small intestine too quickly. Think of sugars, fats and carbohydrates. Because the blood goes to the gut, the blood pressure drops in the brain, making you sleepy or dizzy. It can also cause palpitations and you can sweat excessively.

Free advice

Are you interested in a gastric bypass or do you want more information? Our consultants are happy to help you and give you free advice. Make an appointment here.

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