1. No diet, never eat too much again
  2. No visible scars
  3. Choose the right food: immediately after the operation
  4. Our customer satisfaction score is extremely high

How does a gastric sleeve work?

During a gastric sleeve operation, the stomach is reduced by removing the outer bend from the stomach, leaving a small tubular stomach. Approximately 65 to 80% of the stomach is removed. The part that is no longer used is removed from the body. The intestinal system is not adjusted or changed, in order for everything you eat and drink is absorbed into the body. Because the stomach has become much smaller, it is no longer possible to eat large quantities. It has also been shown that by removing a large part of the stomach changes occur in certain hormones. The appetite hormone turns out to be less produced because of this. This way, you will feel full much faster. The gastric sleeve is performed under anesthesia. This means that the whole body is numb and you will not notice anything of the procedure. Even after the operation you will not remember anything from the operation. You go to sleep and wake up when the gastric sleeve is complete. You will stay overnight in the clinic after the procedure before you can go home.

Pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages and any risks for every procedure or operation. For example, after the operation you can only use liquid food for the first week. If you tolerate this well you may start eating solid food again. An advantage of the gastric sleeve, as opposed to the gastric bypass, is that you will not experience any dumping complaints during this procedure.

A number of possible complications that may occur during or after the procedure:
– Vomiting / nausea
– Gallstones
– A shortage of vitamins
– Seam leakage / peritonitis
– Heartburn problems

With the aid of the gastric sleeve you will be able to achieve your stated goal faster, such as losing excess weight.


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