How does payment by installment work?

It is possible that you wish to have a cosmetic treatment done, but don’t have enough money for it available at that moment. You can then choose for payment by installment (also referred to as installment)

Collaboration payment by installment

We collaborate with the Rotterdam financing company Van Lent & Partners. Through us, you can request them for payment by installment, for your cosmetic treatment. Due to the payment obligation Van Lent & Partners will ask for a certain assurances:

  • A permanent contract for an indefinite period with sufficient income, or someone who will guarantee your loan.

  • No negative BKR registration.

  • No payment obligations for another loan.

  • Registered at a Dutch address.

If you live in Belgium, you can directly contact independent parties Leemans Kredieten or Europabank. Click on the company names to visit the website.

Payment by installments is possible from €50,-

What details do I need to provide when requesting for payment by installment?

You need to provide several details. Such as a copy of your last salary slip, a copy of your contract, an overview of your fixed living expenses and other payment obligations, such as alimony or other loans. Before you finalise the installment agreement for the financing of your cosmetic surgery you will agree with Van Lent & Partners a monthly installment and the duration of the agreement. This can be anything from 50 Euros per month.