1. Buttocks that feel soft and natural 
  2. Guaranteed no infections 
  3. You are able to sit after only one day   
  4. After a week you can start working again

‘Le Petit Method’

The name comes from the French surgeon François Petit. With more than 15 years of experience and practice, thanks to his rigorous training, Dr Petit is skilled in dealing with all types of cosmetic surgery projects, ranging from reconstructive surgery to non-surgical treatments.

Doctor Francois Petit is commited in using the most recent technics in plastic surgery in order to reach the highest level of quality, security and comfort for his patients. Ambulatory surgery, which allows the patient to go home the same day is one example of this pledge for modernity. Also, dr. Pieter Hupkens, dr. Kevin Peters and drs. Patrice Grabietz have been trained by him. Dr. Petit will soon be operating at the invitation of Diana Gabriels in the Netherlands.

Thanks to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian filling the buttocks is a treatment that has become more popular in the last few years. By doing sports, your buttocks become stronger and in extreme cases the buttocks get bigger muscles, but not more volume. In the case of an enlargement with implants, implants are placed between the large glutes. The buttocks are lifted and get more volume.

The POLYTECH implants are placed through two small incisions of up to four centimeters below the end of the anal cleft. This reduces the tension of the scar. The scars heal much better and more beautiful, without complications. POLYTECH is the first and only company that produces silicone implants in Germany and is one of the three largest manufacturers of silicone implants. All products are CE marked.

Operation data dr. F. Petit
  1. May 15th & 16th

  2. June 21th & 22nd

  3. July 19th & 20th

  4. August 16th & 17th

  5. September 13th & 14th

  6. October 25th & 26th

  7. November 20th & 21st 

  8. December 11th & 12th

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