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What is breast augmentation?

The breasts are an important characteristic of the appearance of a woman. Women can therefore be uncertain about the appearance of their breasts. Experience teaches us that a breast augmentation can have a big and positive influence on a woman’s self-confidence.

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which implants are placed in the breast to give the breast(s) a better shape or make it bigger. It is important that you are well informed about the various options and possibilities when you decide for the procedure to be carried out. If you have a cup size that is too small for you, this can make you feel insecure.

Because every person is unique, Praktijk Gabriels now offers a wider range of prostheses.

* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on sales tax 1968.

How does breast augmentation work?

The minimal scar technique

If you choose for breast augmentation, a prosthesis will be placed in your chest. This is done through the smallest possible opening, where we only work with cohesive gel and breast prostheses of Mentor. We use these prostheses to guarantee a high quality. We also offer a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The placement of the prosthesis can be carried out in a number of ways:

  • Above the muscle

    breast augmentation where the prosthesis are placed on the chest muscle. The prosthesis is placed just under the breast. This is the most natural method, because the prosthesis can move with the chest this way. If you have thin skin or little mammary gland tissue, there is a possibility the edge of the prosthesis can be felt.

  • Under the muscle

    A breast augmentation where the prosthesis is placed under the pectoral muscle. This means that the prosthesis is covered with an extra muscle layer. The chance that you will feel the edge of the prosthesis is a lot smaller. It does ensure that the prosthesis moves a lot less with the chest. In addition, due to the pressure on the muscle, the chest will also feel harder.

  • Dual plane

    A breast augmentation where the prosthesis is partially placed under the muscle. The pectoral muscle is large but not wide enough to cover the entire prosthesis. The largest, upper part of the prosthesis will be placed under this muscle and the smaller, lower part on the muscle, under the mammary gland tissue. Generally, when using a covering of less than 3 cm of mammary gland tissue, the dual plane method is chosen. This gives a natural result in that case, since the prosthesis is less or not visible. An additional advantage is that the chance of wrinkling in this method is considerably smaller. A disadvantage is that the recovery of the procedure takes longer after the dual plane method is performed. There is also more pain experienced.

The prosthesis

Quality is paramount – that is why we have put a lot of time and effort into selecting our prostheses. In addition, we offer you as a customer clear information with which we support you in choosing the type of prosthesis that suits your needs. Because every person is unique, Praktijk Gabriels offers a wide range of prostheses. You can choose the prostheses from:

Your natural breast

The natural breast comes in many different shapes and sizes. This influences the shape and type of prosthesis that suits you. Your taste also plays an important role. Do you want to look natural or striking? All this together determines what you choose.

Shape, size and projection

Prostheses come in two types. We have the anatomical/teardrop-shaped and the round version. A round prosthesis often gives a quicker fold formation and a drop shape can rotate. These variants are offered with a low, medium or high profile. The height or low of the profile also determines the amount of projection – the volume that is visible at the top of the chest. A low profile gives a subtle breast enlargement. A high profile ensures a solid full breast. The prostheses also have different diameters (diameters). This has an important influence on the position of the prostheses on the chest. With a low diameter, the breasts are far apart – this often gives an unnatural result. If the diameter is (too) high, the breast will protrude (too) far beyond the chest – this will create the ‘side-boob’ effect. but which also has a width that sufficiently fills the chest.

When am I suitable for a breast augmentation?

We use an age limit of 18 years for performing a breast augmentation. Not only is that the minimum age for a cosmetic procedure, but then the breasts are also fully grown.


Which breast augmentation suits you best is first looked at by one of our consultants. During your consult, your breasts will be looked at and you can indicate what your wishes are. Our consultants will give you their advice. After this consultation, you will also consult the doctor who will perform the breast augmentation.

During this consultation, the doctor will take a measurement. In doing so, the diameter of your natural breast, torso and the thickness of your covering of mammary gland tissue are taken into account. You will also take into account the condition of your skin and the position of your nipples. Depending on the outcome of these measurements and your wishes, an advice is given.

What are the benefits of a breast augmentation?

  • Use of only safe breast implants

  • Breast augmentation based on your wishes

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on Mentor breast implants

  • Operation possible within 2 weeks

  • The operation takes 1 hour

  • The recovery time is 7 to 14 days

  • Invisible scars after the augmentation

What can I expect after a breast augmentation?

If consciousness, breathing and blood pressure are stable you can go home. You must also have eaten something and drunk something, you must be able to sit and walk and you must have been to the toilet. The doctor or the anesthetist will assess whether you can go home. Because you have undergone a medical procedure, you have to take into account that you feel less clear and fit. We advise to go home under the guidance of an adult person and by car or a taxi. We do not recommend the use of public transport. The first 24 hours after the operation, an adult person should stay with you.

One day after the operation, the practice of Diana Gabriels will contact you to ask how it goes and if you have any questions. A check is immediately scheduled by the doctor. The first check takes place approximately two weeks after the operation. The doctor checks whether everything is in order and removes plasters and stitches. The second check takes place 6 weeks after the operation. An interim check is always possible. After eight weeks, you can start using a scar cream. If there is redness, swelling, fever or an open wound or there are other things that you are worried about do not hesitate to contact the practice of Diana Gabriels. Praktijk Gabriels is happy to help you.


  • Do not drive a vehicle in the first 48 hours after surgery due to the after-effects of the anesthetic

  • Do not drink alcohol during the first week after the procedure because of the after-effects of the anesthetic

  • Try to rest as much as possible

  • Avoid full sun during the first two weeks after the procedure

  • Do not sport for the first four weeks

  • Do not swim for the first six weeks or go to the sauna

  • Both smoking and alcohol have an adverse effect on the healing and recovery, so try to keep to a minimum

  • Take sufficient rest and avoid physically strenuous activities such as housekeeping (for example: vacuuming, cooking or heavy lifting).

  • The first year it is wise to cover the scar against the sun so that the wound will not get discolored

  • Do not raise your arms and do not exercise during the first two weeks after surgery.