B-lite prosthesis:

The world’s first and only lightweight breast implant

Why the B-lite prosthesis?
Breast prostheses all have a certain weight that continuously pull our own breast tissue (gravity) throughout our lives. Also these forces on our breast tissue are extra strengthened when we move; sports, walking, climbing stairs etc. Therefore, the B-lite prostheses have been developed to overcome the limitations of traditional breast implants, by drastically reducing gravity stress by as much as 30%!

The technique
The B-lite prostheses are up to 30% lighter than other breast implants, where B-lite combines well-known materials that are clinically proven and give you the feeling of security and strength without any extra weight. Microspheres are the secret ingredient. This hollow substance is permanently mixed with the known silicone gel. As a result, the implants are up to 30% lighter than comparable implants, which are entirely made of silicone. Microspheres are very strong, they can easily handle the pressure generated during flying and diving. Even in the unlikely event of cracks, the microspheres are so tightly bound to the gel that they can not come loose! B-lite prostheses therefore have an exceptionally high safety profile and above all offer less weight and thus a natural appearance.

Why should you choose B-lite?
By choosing the first and only lightweight breast implant, these pure white B-lite implants reduce gravity on the soft surrounding breast tissue! As a result, your breasts will retain their shape and firmness in the long term. Moreover, you will recover faster after surgery with B-lite implants! Due to the light weight of the B-lite breast prosthesis, there is less pressure on the scar and in addition, the surrounding blood vessels are compressed less quickly, so that the blood circulation improves; less pain and faster recovery!

B-lite Forever – Lifetime guarantee
POLYTECH together with G & G Biotechnology is the proud developer and manufacturer of the B-lite, the world’s first and only lightweight breast implants. Our implants are designed with your comfort and safety in mind and are offered to you after more than 10 years of research, development and extensive testing.

B-lite implants use more than 60 years of evolution of breast implant technology with the additional important feature: LESS WEIGHT!

Our company complies with the strictest international approvals and standards and our implants are manufactured in a certified world-class factory in Germany with more than 30 years of experience in producing breast implants. We have confidence in the design, safety and durability of our B-lite implants and that is why we are happy to offer you peace of mind with the lifetime B-lite warranty.

More about polyurethane implants from POLYTECH
POLYTECH from the beginning makes silicone implants with a smooth exterior, a roughened (textured) exterior and with an outer (envelope) of polyurethane.

Today, breast reconstruction and enlargement are among the most common treatments in plastic surgery. Breast implants have been used since the early 60s. Meanwhile, more than three million women have opted for the implantation of silicone-filled implants. Thanks to the constructive collaboration between patients, doctors and companies, the implants are also continuously improved.

Therefore, these insights have inspired POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics to specialize in breast implants with polyurethane (Microthane) coating. According to current techniques, these implants guarantee long-term stability and are therefore the optimal choice for your well-being and your safety.

Research has shown that capsular contraction is more common with smooth prostheses than with roughened or textured prostheses, but the differences are not that great; in 10% to 18% (after about 5 and 8 years) of the cases serious capsular contraction occurs and you will usually have to be operated again because of pain or distortion of your breasts.

The polyurethane implants from POLYTECH consist of a high cohesive silicone gel, covered with a layer of polyurethane foam of 1mm or 2mm thickness. This highly cohesive silicone gel can not leak and keeps its shape. The polyurethane is attached to the implant with a special technique called vulcanisation (heat fusion), so that this layer can not come loose from the implant. Many scientific studies have shown that polyurethane implants from POLYTECH can drastically reduce the risk of capsular contraction; 1% on average after 15 to 20 years! In practice, this means that women with polyurethane breast implants from POLYTECH tend to keep supple breasts for longer and less often a recovery operation.