1. Be able to wear everything you like!

  2. Pain in the neck or shoulders? A breast reduction is the solution!

  3. Complete anesthesia

What is a breast reduction

A breast reduction, together with the breast lift, is one of the most performed breast operations in the Netherlands. Our specialized doctors are happy to help you achieve the desired result!

A breast reduction is always performed under complete anesthesia.

Why would you choose for a breast reduction?

Many women have issues with the shape of their breasts. This is usually due to:

  • Weight loss or gain. For example, the breasts lose volume after a pregnancy;
  • Overweight breasts that cause back, shoulder and / or neck complaints;
  • Psychic related causes. For example, you may feel insecure if you feel that your breasts as too small or too large.

A breast reduction can make you happy again about your breasts. The surgery takes about 2 hours and requires an overnight stay in the clinic where you will be operated. A wedge-shaped part of the skin and gland tissue is removed at the bottom of the breast. The nipple is then moved upwards and, if necessary, the areola is reduced. In this way a smaller breast is modeled. When the breast reduction is successful the breast will be reattached and you will get a support bandage.

Before the Breast Reduction

Before the breast reduction can be carried you will have to visit our clinic for consult with one of our consultants. They listen to your wishes and expectations and will give advice on which doctor suits you best. After this first consultation an appointment is made for a consultation with the doctor who will carry out your breast reduction. He will look at your breasts again and will assess whether the procedure is medically safe. * If this is the case, the operation will be scheduled. In the Netherlands, it is legally required to wait 7 days between the consultation with the doctor and the operation.

After the operation you will immediately receive a supportbra. This provides extra support and better healing of the wound. We advise you to wear a sports bra without braces that fits well up to 6 weeks after the operation. The bra should not be too tight. In our clinic we sell bras that are made specially for a  breast operation. Our bras are of good quality and available in several models.

 We advise you to be as careful as possible after the operation. Take sufficient rest, avoid physically strenuous activities such as housekeeping (for example: vacuuming, cooking or heavy lifting), do not raise your arms and do not exercise during the first two weeks after surgery. Don’t cycle the first couple of weeks, you are aloud to walk and drive if you feel confident enough after 1 week. 

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