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implants BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION €50,- Spread payment
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Buttock augmentation with implants

What is a buttock augmentation with implants?

Filling the buttocks is a treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. “Not Back to the Future, but the Future is the Back”, as the plastic surgeon dr. François Petit, who is recognized in France, describes it. Buttock augmentation is a procedure for aesthetic surgery with which the size and shape of the buttocks can be changed. The procedure is mainly performed in women and men who find that they have too small or too flat buttocks.

A soft and natural feeling implant increases the volume and provides a firmer, natural appearance of the buttocks. During a consultation, your doctor can tell you more about the possibilities of a buttock augmentation and whether a buttock lift will produce the desired result in your specific situation.

What are the benefits of a buttock augmentation with implants?

  • Soft and natural buttocks

  • No visible scars

  • Little to no chance of an infection

  • You can sit the next day (or if you are lucky already the same day)

  • You can proceed working after a week

  • Praktijk Gabriels is the first in the Netherlands to work with  ‘Le Petit Method’.

How does a buttock augmentation through ‘Le Petit Method’ work?

The name ‘Le Petit Method’ comes from the French plastic surgeon François Petit. With more than 15 years of experience, dr. F. Petit is competent in handling all types of cosmetic surgery projects. This can vary from reconstructive or cosmetic surgery to non-surgical treatments. Dr. F. Petit does everything to use the latest techniques in plastic surgery. His goal is to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and comfort for his patients. Ambulatory surgery, which allows the patient to go home the same day (without overnight stay), is an example of this. Dr. F. Petit also trained three of our doctors: dr. P. Hupkens, dr. K. Peters and drs. P. Grabietz.

The Polytech implants are placed through two small incisions diagonally opposite to each other of up to four centimeters below the end of the anal cleft. This raises the tension of the scar. The scars heal much better and more beautiful, without complications. Polytech implants are placed underneath the large gluteal muscles when there is a buttock augmentation with implants. This lifts the buttocks and gives the buttocks more volume. Polytech is the first and only company that has been producing silicone implants in Germany since 1986. Polytech is one of the three largest producers of silicone implants worldwide. All products are CE marked.

The prosthesis

Quality is paramount – that is why we have put a lot of time and effort into selecting our prostheses. In addition, we offer you as a customer clear information with which we support you in choosing the type of prosthesis that suits your needs. Because every person is unique, Praktijk Gabriels offers a wide range of prostheses. You can choose the prostheses from:

Deniz before the buttock augmentation with implants


Deniz after the buttock augmentation with implants


Genevieve before the buttock augmentation with implants


Genevieve after the buttock augmentation with implants


Naomi before the buttock augmentation with implants


Naomi after the buttock augmentation with implants



Following your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you have a meeting with your consultant. The purpose of this interview is to inform you about the general course of events that must be arranged around your billing.

During the first consultation, one of our consultants will talk to you about what bothers your buttocks and what you would like to change. We examine which implants best suit your body and you can indicate what your wishes are. Our consultants will provide you with appropriate advice. After this consultation, you will also consult with the doctor who will perform the bouldering. The doctor will look at your buttocks again. Eventually the doctor will finally decide which option suits you best. The doctor will also assess whether the treatment is medically safe.

Take a valid identity card and a health insurance card with you to the consultation. After the consultation, the operation can be permanently scheduled.

In The Netherlands, it is legally required that between the consultation with the doctor and the operation there is 7 days waiting time

Are you interested in a billing scale with implants? Click here to schedule a consultation.

Note: the payment of your treatment must be paid no later than 4 weeks in advance.

* This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on turnover tax 1968

When am I suitable for a buttock augmentation with implants?

You must be at least 18 years old before you can have a cosmetic procedure performed without medical necessity. This is stated in the guidelines drawn up by the professional organizations for cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons.

Round Sebbin implants
Polytech implants

What can I expect after a buttock augmentation with implants?

The body must recover before changes can be seen. Within a week you have a reasonable view of the effect of the procedure. The final result can be seen after one month. In particular, tighter pulling of the skin requires some time. The new contours of the body are permanent.

Dr. F. Petit does everything to use the latest techniques in plastic surgery. His goal is to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and comfort for his patients. This means you are guaranteed no infections, you can sit after one day and already after one week back to work!

After the surgery, the buttocks will feel painful and you will experience a pulling and pressing feeling. The skin can feel swollen and sore. Often this will disappear automatically after about two to six weeks. The wound must be kept dry for the first seven days, unless the doctor has advised you otherwise. The patches / sutures remain for seven days so that the wound remains clean and can recover well.

A day after the operation, Praktijk Gabriels will contact you to ask how you are doing and if you have any questions. The first check takes place one week after the operation. During this check, it is checked whether everything is in order and any bandaids and stitches are removed. The second (and final) check takes place three months after the operation. An interim check is always possible. After eight weeks, you can start using a scar cream. If redness, swelling, fever or an open wound develops or other things that you are worried about, please contact Diana Gabriels practice right away. We are happy to help you.


Lipopsuit buttock short (medium waist)


Liposuit knee-length


Liposuit buttock short (low waist)

Post-operation liposuits