1. No visible scars

  2. Use of own body fat

  3. The operation takes 60 minutes 

  4. Recovery time 4 tot 10 days

  5. Complete anesthesia

What does a buttock augmentation with own fat mean?

What does a buttock augmentation with own fat mean? Do you have little volume in your buttocks and would you like this? Then a buttock augmentation with your own fat could be the solution for you! Our specialized doctors are happy to help you. Of course, a buttock augmentation is not just for women. It is certainly also accessible to men. The buttock augementation with own fat is performed under full anesthesia.

Buttocks can certainly become stronger with sports and even the muscles can become bigger, but the volume can not increase. With the buttock augmentation with own fat, the own adipose tissue is removed by liposuction and then this fat is injected into the buttocks. We therefore call this procedure: lipofillng. Lipofilling only works if there is some fat to be removed. Because it involves body tissue, there is no risk of rejection.

At Praktijk Gabriels, we also perform buttock enlargements with implants. Although both procedures provide excellent results, the preference is for enlargement with implants. Following the research of The American Society for Aestetic Plastic Surgery and the position of the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC), the team of Diana Gabriels immediately decided to exclusively perform lipofilling in the buttock region where fat is already present. For example, at the top of the buttocks. For the enlargement of the buttocks, preference is given to implants. As a result, the patient runs fewer risks of complications and better results are achieved.

At Praktijk Gabriels, the buttock enlargement is performed by highly trained plastic surgeons. These specialists work exclusively according to the guidelines of the NVPC and do not take risks at all. The doctors of Praktijk Gabriels have become skilled in plastic surgery, monitor their quality through periodic training and are registered as plastic surgeons. They deliberately opt for a change in treatment and advice in response to the most recent investigations.

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The first step towards a buttock enlargement session is the consultation with one of our consultants. During this interview you can indicate what you would like to change your buttocks and what the desired result is. The consultant will look at your buttocks and then give an advice. Is it better, for example, to use your own fat or to go for implants? And which doctor is going to help you? The consultant will answer this during the consultation. If you agree, an appointment will be made for a consultation with the doctor who will perform the buttock session. He will also look at your buttocks and check whether the procedure is medically safe.* If both you and the doctor agree with the procedure, the operation can be planned! In the Netherlands it is legally required that between the consultation with the doctor and the day of the buttock augmentation with own fat, there is a 7-day waiting period.

After the buttock augmentation

When the boost has passed and you can go home it is very important that you take it easy. Normal exercise is fine, but try to avoid strenuous work for the first six weeks. This means that you can not exercise intensively and can not lift heavy objects during the recovery period. Also try to sleep on your side or stomach. One day after the operation, an employee of the practice will contact you to ask how it is and if you have any questions. A check is immediately scheduled by the doctor.


* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care art. 11-1-g Law on sales tax 1968.

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