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  1. A chin enlargement gives you a better shaped face 

  2. Visible results straight away 

  3. Operation takes 2 to 3 hours 

  4. Recovery period: 7 tot 14 days 

  5. Complete anesthesia

Chin Prosthesis

The chin symbolizes strength and determination. Sometimes the contour of the face can be majorly improved by a chin implant.

With a special computer we can make an analysis of the side of the face, this is called a profile analysis. Often there is a subtle balance between contours, such as the nose and chin. However, this can be disrupted by a large nose or a withdrawn chin. For this reason, a combination of a rhinoplasty and a chin prosthesis is regularly performed.

* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on turnover tax 1968.

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