1. A small procedure 
  2. Hospitalization 1 day 
  3. The operation takes 60 tot 90 minutes 
  4. Recovery is 1 to 2 weeks 
  5. Complete anesthesia


  • It is a small procedure with a big results 
  • Day intake 
  • The operation lasts from 60 to 90 minutes 
  • The recovery time is 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Overall anaesthesia 

A forehead lift is done with a special aesthetic that puts you to sleep, the procedure is a day treatment. The eyebrows – which press downwards and hang more or less over the eye sockets – are pulled upwards. There are two methods for performing the procedure: 

  • In the ‘open’ method, a cut is made from ear to ear, over the forehead and in the hairline. The skin is loosened, excess fat is removed and the muscles tightened. The skin itself is also tightened. The sutures are applied in several layers so that the pulling force is distributed on the skin. 
  • The other method is called the endoscopic forehead lift. Here a number of small cuts are made in the hairline. A small pen-shaped camera (which is connected to a monitor) is brought in through a number of these cuts. The other instruments are inserted in the other incisions. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia. The result can be seen after a few weeks. 


* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on salestax 1968

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