1. Back to work after only 1 week 

  2. Operation time 80 tot 90 mins 

  3. Recovery time 3 tot 10 days 

  4. Possibilty to choose full ore local anesthesia

How does an eyelid correction work?

As you get older, the muscles relax and the skin becomes less elastic. This can cause an accumulation of loose skin at the upper eyelids. Muscle tissue can protrude through weak muscles. This causes a thickening in the eyelids which can look like so-called bags under or above your eyes.

In some people, this aging process causes the upper eyelids to press the eyeball or hang over the eyeball. Also, deeper lines or folds may develop in the lower eyelids. It is also possible that the skin is weakened and / or less elastic at a younger age. This is then genetically determined. Associated complaints are less able to see, headaches and a tired look.

A lower and / or upper eyelid correction could be the solution for you! 

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