1. No visible scar 
  2. Time of operation 45 tot 60 min. 
  3. Recovery time: 7 days 
  4. Treatment under complete anesthesia

What is a necklift ?

If you suffer from a drooping skin in the neck or under the chin, you can have a neck lift. A neck lift only results on the neck. If the neck muscles are weakened and you also want to lift your face, then a combined neck and facelift is usually the best solution.

Wrinkles in the face and on the back of the neck do not disappear through a neck lift. Different treatment methods are suitable for this. For example, a neck lift can be combined with a liposuction of the neck or the procedure can be extended to a combined neck and facelift.

* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on sales tax 1968.

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