1. Nipple correction or reduction

  2. Perfect for nipples that are withdrawn

  3. The operation is done within 30 to max 60 minutes 

  4. Recovery time of 4 to max 10 days 

  5. Local anesthesia


How does a nipple correction work?

A nipple correction is performed when the areola (nipple) is too large. A average areola has a diameter around 4.5 centimeters.A surgical correction of an enlarged areola is done by surgically removing the pigmented skin around the nipple. Our specialized doctors do this by making a small cut on the outside of the areola or around the nipple. This leaves a small scar.This procedure is with local anesthesia. The mammary gland and milk ducts remain intact so that you can continue to breastfeed after a nipple correction.

Before the nipple correction can be carried we would like to see you for consult one of our consultants. During this consultation you can indicate your wishes and expectations. The consultant will look at your breasts and eventually give an advice. It will also indicate which doctor works best for you and fits your needs. When this has been established, you wil have a consultation with the doctor who will perform the nipple correction. He will also check your breasts and check whether the treatment is medically safe. * In the Netherlands, it is legally required that you have to wait  7 days between the consultation with the doctor and the nipple correction.

Nipple correction advice

We advise you to be as careful as possible after the operation. We also recommend to wear postoperative bra for six weeks after the operation. Normal exercise is fine, but try to avoid strenuous work for the first six weeks. This means that you can not exercise intensively and can not lift heavy objects during the recovery period. Don’t cycle, walking and driving is aloud if you feel confident 1 week after the operation. 

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