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Are you unsure about your nose or do you think it is just a little too big or too crooked? We are happy to help you achieve the desired result! A nose correction can be performed for both men and women by our specialized doctors. 

What does a nose correction mean? 

The nose is characteristic of the face. A nose can sometimes be too long or too wide, or you are bothered by a lump on the nose. We can change the size and shape of your nose. It is a simple procedure to make the nose tip or nostrils narrower. However, there are complicated operations which need to correct the bridge of the nose or the entire nose. Moreover, the angle between the nose tip and upper lip can also be adjusted. A nose correction is the most difficult procedure, but at the same time it is the most popular correction. 

Before the surgery, a consultation will be made with one of our consultants. The consultant gives free advice on all possibilities. The advice is made up according to your complaints and wishes. During the consultation a doctor will be appointed to you which fits your criteria and wishes. If you agree with the advice a date can be set for the operation during the consultation. This can only be done when you agree with the treatment. It is possible to ask any questions that you may have about nose correction. A consultation is always free of obligation. 

If agreed, you will also need to make an appointment with the doctor. * The doctor will also look at your nose and give an assessment. You also get all the information you need during this consultation and you are able to ask necessary questions. 

A nose correction is performed under a general anesthetic. This means that the whole body is numb, and you will feel nothing from the of the procedure. Even after the operation you will not remember anything from the operation. General anesthetic will put you to sleep and you will wake up when the rhinoplasty is complete. Furthermore, in the Netherlands it is legally required that between the consultation with the doctor and the operation there is 7 days waiting time. 

After the procedure 

After the operation, a splint is put over the nose. This is done to prevent swelling and bruising as much as possible. The splint will remain for about a week. It is very important that you take absolute rest for a few days so that your body can recover. After a week you may perform light work, but you may not stoop down. It takes six weeks before you can perform heavy work, such as lifting heavy things. After two weeks, most people are able to be back at work. 


Are you interested in a rhinoplasty or do you want more information? Make an appointment here for a free consultation.

* The doctor determines whether the treatment is medically necessary. This treatment is exempt from health care in the sense of art. 11-1-g Law on turnover tax 1968


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