We understand very well that it is a big step to make a first appointment for a rhinoplasty. That is why you can expect us to fully support you in this, if you want to. We advise you to bring your partner or good knowledge to the first consultation. During the first consultation we will discuss all issues related to the treatment. This is how we know what bothers you the most and what you would like to change. The methods and operating techniques will also be discussed in order to see what suits you best. Moreover, we will discuss what results you can expect, what the possible risks of this intervention are and how the aftercare will look like. You always receive honest advice and you will be informed about the treatment and the period that follows. 

During the first consultation, the plastic surgeon will also check whether you are a suitable candidate for a rhinoplasty. The surgeon will ask about your health, medical background and any medication. If you use blood-thinning medication, you must stop at least one week before treatment. After this initial consultation you can make the right choice. We understand that during the first consultation a lot of information comes to you. Do not hesitate to contact us after this conversation