1. A tight belly again
  2. With overnight stay (except with a small tummy tuck)
  3. Undergo the treatment under general anesthesia
  4. The recovery time is 7 to 14 days

Tummy tuck (or abdominal wall correction)

The skin on the lower abdomen can be limp and stretched due to various causes:

• Pregnancy
• Weight loss
• Aging

We can restore that with the help of a tummy tuck. Together with you the doctor takes a look – in front of the mirror – what you can expect after the operation. The skin quality does not change after this procedure, the contours do. When there is no excess skin, liposuction can provide a solution for local fat deposits.

What is a tummy tuck?

If the excess skin is only under the navel, then we can suffice with a mini-tummy tuck. If the abdominal wall is weakened in its entirety, which includes the skin and the muscles above the navel, then a total tummy tuck (or abdominal wall plastic) is the best solution.

With this procedure, the excess skin is removed and the navel is moved upwards. A tummy tuck is a major procedure for which you usually have to stay one night in our clinic.

Before you consider a tummy tuck, we find it important that you are aware that you will get a clearly visible scar after the procedure – in exchange for a tighter stomach. The scar runs across the lower abdomen from one hip to the outside of the other hip. In general, the following principle is: the darker the skin, the longer it takes before the scar becomes smoother, thinner and less visible. Usually the navel is re-attached, so a scar around the navel will also appear. Of course, our experienced plastic surgeons do their utmost to keep the scars as much as possible within the ‘bikini border’.

A tummy tuck can give you a considerably flatter stomach. But this procedure is not a solution against obesity. If you are overweight, it is wise to lose weight before the operation. The result of the operation will then be significantly better. Are you a woman, then it is wise to operate after the last pregnancy.

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