Prosthesis Registration

Dutch Prosthesis Registration 

The use of breast implants is registered in the DBIR (Dutch Breast Implants Registry) and the results of operations, where plastic surgeons have used breast implants, are saved. The DBIR was developed by the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgeons (NVPC) and is meant as an implant registry and a quality system for audits. Since the 1st of January 2016 the DBIR has been a quality indicator. Praktijk Gabriels also works with the DBIR.

  • National implant registries of Dutch breast implants can be registered in this registry – this is mandatory for members of the NVPC. Other professionals can also register here using their own account. In addition, the results of the provided care can be stored here. In this way, not only the safety of breast implants is monitored, whether they are associated with certain complaints or complications, but also the patients who received a certain type of breast implant can easily be traced.
  • Audit
    The DBIR makes it possible to compare ones own quality of care with that of other clinics. The quality information from treating physicians is provided as feedback and compared to the national average, a so-called benchmark. In this way, the provided care can be evaluated and opportunities for improvement can be identified. Scientific research is also possible with the registered data.

Participation in the national implants register is mandatory by the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport (VWS), the Commission for Healthcare (IGZ), and the members of the NVPC, and is meant for all Dutch hospitals and independent treatment centres (ZBC). Doctors who are not a member of the NVPC can also register by creating an account.

* To register your prosthesis, we are obliged to charge a fee of €60,60. You will see this on your invoice.