Questions for the doctor

Which questions can (should) you ask during your first consultation? We can imagine that it’s a lot to take in once you have decided to have cosmetic surgery done. Perhaps you have doubts and would like to know more about the surgery first and everything that it involves. We would like to help you get started with the following questions. Naturally, the doctor will share enough information with you during the consultation, without you having to even ask.

Questions for and about the doctor

  • 1. Which education did the treating doctor follow?

  • 2. Plastic surgeons are registered with the NVPC (Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery) and Cosmetic doctors are registered with the NVCG (Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery) The treating doctor is a member of which organisations?

  • 3. A doctor who has performed a certain treatment hundreds of times, will probably be less likely to make any mistakes and will perform the surgery with great satisfaction. How often has the doctor performed the surgery?

  • 4. Did the doctor perform the surgery recently or was it a long time ago?

  • 5. Can the doctor show you photos of the treatments that he or she has performed?

  • 6. It is not only important that the doctor has experience with the surgery, but also the support staff. How often is the surgery performed at the clinic?

Questions about the surgery

  • 1. How can I prepare myself for the surgery?

  • 2. Which techniques or methods will be used to perform the surgery?

  • 3. How long will the surgery take?

  • 4. Where will the surgery be performed?

  • 5. Are there alternative surgeries to achieve the same goal?

  • 6. If it is invasive surgery: where will the incision be made and where will there be any (visible) scars?

  • 7. Will there be any stitches and where and when can these be removed?

  • 8. Will the treatment be carried out under anaesthetic? Will it be a local or general anaesthetic?

  • 9. Can I choose which type of anaesthetic I get?

  • 10. Regional and general anaesthetic must be delivered by an anaesthesiologist, while a local anaesthetic can be delivered by another doctor. Will there be an anaesthesiologist present at the operation?

  • 11. Are there any side effects to the anaesthetic?

  • 12. Would it be possible to talk to a patient who has already had the surgery?

Questions about the recovery after the surgery

  • 1. Will I be in pain after the surgery?

  • 2. Is there medication or another type of treatment to deal with the pain?

  • 3. Should I rest for a few days after the surgery?

  • 4. When can I go back to work?

  • 5. Are there any items of clothing that I shouldn’t, or should wear?

  • 6. Are there any other restrictions that I should think about?

Questions about complications and risks

  • 1. Which are the realistic complications and risks involved?

  • 2. How many patients have had complications?

  • 3. What should I do in the case of complications?

Questions about the result

  • 1. When will I see the results?

  • 2. How long will the results stay?

  • 3. What are the options should I not be happy with the surgery?

  • 3. Will there be extra costs for any follow-up treatment given to improve the results or is this included in the price?